Handrails and Attenuators

Sunshine Guardrail Corp. provides simple solutions for hazard prevention. Our safety railing systems and impact absorption attenuators prevent light vehicle impact, falls and other work area hazards.


Trust our safety solutions for hazard and impact prevention with handrails & attenuators

Safe, Maintenance-Free Handrails

We provide handrail systems for free-standing safety applications. These maintenance-free, hazard prevention solutions are ideal for:

  • Bridges
  • Machine Barriers
  • Platforms
  • Ramps


Impact Absorption and Protection

Sunshine Guardrails Handrails
Impact attenuators or crash cushions reduce damage to motorists, structures and vehicles and absorb impact during a collision. Types of impact attenuators include:

  • Truck-Mounted Attenuators
  • Barrel Attenuators (filled with Sand or Water)
  • Trailer-Mounted Attenuators


General Purpose Protection

Sunshine Handrails
Our safety railing systems are a quick and easy solution for the prevention of light vehicle impact, falls and work area hazards. Uses include mezzanines, uneven walkways and structurally sensitive areas.






The Universal TAU-II Impact Attenuator

The Universal TAU-II system consists of a full line of crash cushion products that have been tested to meet the rigorous requirements of NCHRP Report 350, Test Levels 2 and 3.




Ease of installation, numerous transition options, low maintenance requirements, and reusability of system components make the TAU-II system ideal for treating most roadside hazards. The TAU-II has been approved by FDOT for both temporary and permanent applications. The TAU-II is the most economical permanent and temporary crash cushion on the market today.