Erosion Control

Erosion control is essential to protecting roads, landscaping and property. Sunshine Guardrail Corp. provides important solutions for the prevention and control of soil erosion. Take a quick look at some of our products below and call us to discuss your erosion control needs today!


Solutions for the prevention and control of soil and sediment erosion

Products to Stabilize Soil

Erosion Control
Soil erosion causes damage to roads, landscaping and property.  Erosion control and soil stabilization is essential to preventing this damage. Using practical and visually appealing solutions, Sunshine Guardrail Corp. will provide you with the best service to prevent the hazards of soil erosion.




A mixture of sand and cement, or bags containing sand-cement, are used used to form a barrier in points where erosion is most likely to occur.


Rip Rap

Also known as rock lining, this form of erosion control protects channel banks from erosive water flow by providing a foundation or wall of rocks.


Filter Point Mat

Ideal for underwater placement, filter point mats can act to prevent erosion in well-compacted soil conditions.

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